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Midwest Sound is a great company to work with. I liked how easy it was to select songs and maintain our song list on the Midwest Sound website. With such an efficient system, the planning for reception music was quick! After planning our music and reception online, we were assigned a DJ who arranged a phone conversation a few days before the wedding to double check all the songs we wanted played and to discuss the announcements that needed to be made throughout the night. I could tell from the phone conversation alone that we were in very capable and knowledgeable hands. Pete was our DJ for the night and he did a fantastic job!!! Several people mentioned (and complimented) how Pete would fade out a song quickly if people seemed to be disinterested or left the dance floor. He read the crowd to play songs throughout the night that everybody loved! He even rocked out in his booth, dancing along, having a good time! At one point during the dance, the music stopped, and everyone paused to turn and look at Pete in his DJ booth. Headphones on, jammin’ to the song, he was dancing like a fool and hadn’t noticed we weren’t hearing the song anymore. Suddenly, he stopped, glanced our way, and began to find and solve the problem. This all happened in a matter of 15 seconds, and gave us a good laugh.

Midwest Sound did an amazing job of providing lighting, slideshow setup, and music. Our DJ, Dave, was great. He checked in with myself (the bride) or my mother throughout the night to see how things were going or if there was/wasn't anything we wanted to hear. Be sure to select items for your playlist from their extensive music selection and talk with your DJ before the event.

Rayo was a fantastic dj. Very outgoing and polite. Would work with him again anyday.

I was a little wary about their system of choosing a DJ for you instead of meeting them ahead of time. Be careful how you fill out their survey because they will take you very literally. I didn't want a super-cheesy, over-involved DJ and I ended up getting someone who didn't announce any of the events - the best man ended up doing it. The music was good and they're a large company so they have lots of different types of DJs, so just be careful.

Our DJ played great music! We put in many 'requested' songs so that he could get a good sense of the music we liked to dance to. My only regret is that he didn't drive things more. He let us (which is great for some people) which meant that I was chasing down the groom much of the time.

Our DJ did everything we asked him to do flawlessly. He even got out on the dance floor and danced the night away with us!

Excellent DJ and company was very helpful during the planning process. They were very accomodating of some last minutes changes and requests!

Awesome.. best dj I have ever seen...

The DJ did a great job. Music was great, equipment was flawless. Never had to worry about them!

I got the best DJ. The floor was full all night! They personalise your taste to a DJ, so you get one that fits your taste. We had such a blast! I would absolutely recommend this to everyone I know! They had every song I wanted, and led the party on all night!

Our DJ is Michael Breitbach. He did a very good job. He did everything we expected him to do.


Loved talking to the guy I booked with on the phone. They have a great list that makes it easy to pick songs. They really listen to what you tell them and won't do things/play songs you ask them not to. Loved our original DJ, but due to an accident, had to leave and take his mom to the hospital! He stayed until the back-up came, which was great. Just did not care for the back-up DJ at all, though. She was not "our style". We had been matched extremely well originally, though. Accidents happen.

The salesperson was wonderful he reassured me that they had experience with multicultural weddings. And as long as we provided the non-American music in advance they would format the dance to our request. However, the DJ didn't receive any of our information until just before the wedding. And therefore was unprepared for our events. He was inconsiderate to the guests at the wedding, and did not fullfill our song requests. If you are having an American reception, this company would probably be fine. However, if you get assigned with Mike - I would request another DJ.

I think the DJ we had was just bad or something... he kept leaving to go have a cigarette outside, the songs all skipped, and he didn't listen to some very specific instructions I had regarding a song dedicated to my mother. He also did not announce things very well and people did not go what was going on.

Midwest Sound provided world class service at a reasonable rate. We could not have had better service. Our DJ was exceptional. He played requests immediately, he kept us moving all night.

If it weren't for this DJ, I probably would have cried at my reception! (Read reception review below)

Midwest Light & Sound really knew how to bring a party and get our guests dancing. They used all of our requests and played music that was just plain perfect...The DJ was interactive, but not pushy...and was just fantastic!

We loved our DJ. He contacted us a week before the wedding to go through all of the details and offered some very good suggestions about things we hadn't even thought of. We very detailed. This company did an extraordinary job matching our preferences with the perfect DJ.

They were really easy to talk to! Very friendly and outgoing! VERY affordable!! The best place to look for them is at wedding fairs in the cities. Thats where we found them, and they had a crazy discount on all their packages.

Great price, great DJ. We let our DJ take charge of the pace for all the typical wedding events & she was great while doing so. Cannot say enough great things about Midwest Sound & Light!

Our DJ was Jeff Kolb. We had requested Chad who wasn't able to be there, but I can't complain about anything. Jeff had people on the dance floor from immediately after dinner until 12:30 when everything ended. I would suggest them to anyone!

Super awesome to work with and definitely got the party started and kept it going all night long!! Very curtious and helpful and eager to play what our guests wanted.

Excxellent DJ made the night a lot of fun. There was great music selection, nice extras (like a wireless mic for toasts), and an affordable price.

Excellent... kept guests engaged... dance floor was full from time music started to the time they ended.

The price was great because it was off season and they are great about getting any song you want. They played a couple songs I said not to but everybody danced a lot so I cannot complain.

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