Indulgence by Natasha

2000 Post Oak Blvd.
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Natasha was really good. She was helpful in setting up details and providing information. Best of all she was very flexible in giving us want we wanted from place settings to menus. She has the event experience we didn't have to help us refine our time line and consumptions needs. Her greatest asset is her staff, who were warm and friendly to everyone at our wedding.

Personally, I loved the food. I heard a few different reviews from the guest whose chief complaint was that their beef was too rare, but this may just be a matter of taste really. The main course was served late, about 30 minutes, which didn't go unnoticed. It was not a big problem, but it did limit our time for dancing and people were getting hungry.

If I had one thing I would change, it would have been the menu planning. Personally, I didn't want anything to do with the food at the wedding cause it is just too stressful for me. I wanted to give Natasha a head count and a budget and have her generate options from there. We did suggest that we wanted a gourmet burger and fry feast, but we didn't know what else. I could have used more hand holding in this area. So if you're like me and not totally sure what goes with what, be prepared for some back and forth.

So to summarize:

PROS: Very professional and excellent staff. Tasty eats.

CONS: Timing was a little off, and difficult to generate a final menu

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