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Cada día trabajamos y nos capacitamos para superar las expectativas y sueños de nuestros clientes...


Cada día trabajamos y nos capacitamos para superar las expectativas y sueños de nuestros clientes con el fin de hacerlos vivir momentos realmente únicos e inolvidables optimizando al máximo su presupuesto y sin olvidar lo más importante:

Garantizar el éxito de su boda sin perder la elegancia e innovando con las últimas tendencias.


Great planner and great team. Everything we wanted and hoped for became true this day. Not only did the take care of the planning, but they made the wedding day flow from beginning to end. I could not imagine doing this without them. This was the happiest day in my life and had so much fun and no worries knowing they were on top of every single detail. My husband, family and I are extremely thankful with this team. No regrets!

We had our dreamed wedding!

We worked with Tatiana over Skype/internet for months, and only got to meet her personally a few days before the wedding, when we arrived in Cartagena.

She's extremely professional, gets everything done on time, helps you all the way, understands what you want, is always available if you need her, etc.

We couldn't have done it without her, and her wonderful team.

Tatiana is incredibly professional. She is on top of everything and anything the bride, groom or any guest might need.

From the very beginning I could tell that she would be great, she was very organized and listen to any requests or concerns we had. She managed to meet our budget while giving us the best wedding we could have ever dreamed of.

She did not miss one detail, she was by my side at all times before during and after the wedding.

I would recommend Tatiana to anyone getting married or planning any event in Cartagena. She has great connections, incredible attitude and a beautiful personality.

Tatiana was great from the beginning, we had to remote-control our wedding in Colombia from Australia and she not only helped us getting the wedding the way we wanted, but she also managed to get excellent vendors on our behalf, negotiated with them all the details while staying within budget, made excellent suggestions on how to make our wedding even better and somehow sorted out any issues during the wedding in a way that nobody noticed.

In summary, our wedding was even better than our expectations and we believe that it was so good because of all her help. Thank you Tati

Without Tatiana this wedding would have not been possible. We arrived to Cartagena just a few days before the wedding and she had it all ready. Everything was as we dreamed: she handled all vendors/providers and they were the best in town. Tatiana knows her job, understands your needs, gets your style and simply makes it all happen with kindness, taste and responsibility. Thanks for giving us a perfect wedding in a perfect city. This was one of the best days of our lives.

Maria Elena was amazing, I changed my mind 3 times and still she was able to execute, I provided my own candle holders, candles, succulents and horses, but she provided the rest of the flowers, I had 5 different flower arrangements and she was able to adapt my vision to use local flowers, I'm a designer so it was hard to follow my lead since I brought so many things and had my own vision, but in between Tatiana and Maria Elena they were able to understand and execute my vision. Tatiana was a key negotiator.

Tatiana was amazing! such a working bee! she never stopped working in our wedding, she was always available and never left my side, since my arrival to Cartagena until the day we left! She listened to all of my details and believe me when I say that my wedding was full of them! Everything was perfect the day of the wedding, she made everything happen! She dealt with every single detail and made our dream wedding happen! She negotiated with vendors for us and never stopped working on our wedding.

Let me start by saying that without Tatiana my wedding would have not happened. She did an amazing job from dealing with a venue cancellation to a last minute change of food vendor. She is extremely detail oriented and knows everyone in the business. She will negotiate for you the best prices available and even book you the best cake cater for the day Pastrana's son is getting married.

I went to Cartagena a couple months prior to my wedding and on my mother's recommendation I met Tatiana. She spent the next four days driving us back and forth getting all our vendors for the wedding. She was in charge of the entire operation. The most wonderful part was that the day of the wedding I was able to enjoy and party with my guest. She took care of all the minor emergencies (including a last minute run at midnight for more aguardiente).

I am extremely thankful for the hard work and love that she put into organizing our wedding and I will always

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