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I've seen Andre's work at community events and I knew that if I ever got married -- I'd want him there. And when I got engaged last Christmas, I went to talk to Andre ASAP.

The thing that I wanted with my photographer was the ability to capture the energy and vibrance of the event, without making such a big deal out of it. We wanted someone who would keep us in the moment, keep our guests in the moment, and take shots that are meaningful and captures the energy. Andre is able to do that because he's not in your face -- he knows, telepathically it feels, when he's needed and when to fade out. Some photographers are so arrogant and they work SO hard to get a perfect shot. We wanted something effortless and relaxed while getting great shots. Andre delivers.

A plus is that Andre is like having a wedding coordinator with you all day. He knows about the wedding schedules and venue requirements -- sometimes I found myself asking him about his experience and what he's seen. He would feed me water and food here and there when he thought I needed it. I was so well taken care of!

He got all the shots that I wanted with my family. And while our schedule didn't allow for much posed photography time (we had a PACKED schedule) I was comforted knowing that Andre knew the people that were important to me and would capture the moments for me to share later.

Thanks for being a part of the best day of our lives Andre!!

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