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0 stars! Everyone says that something will go wrong on your wedding day. Well, this limo service was definitely it. After a lot of research and calling a lot of places, we decided to book Ace and ordered a 28 passenger limo bus about 6 months before our wedding date. Upon booking them, they charged our credit card twice for the deposit. We tried to call to get this reversed several times over the next few months but each time they'd tell us they would do it and then they never did. So it became so close to the wedding date that we just asked for it to be applied to our remaining balance (which they actually did). So that was the first thing that went wrong with these guys. Next, its the morning of our wedding and I'm sitting in the beauty parlor getting my hair done and I get an email from them (not a call) that the original limo bus we ordered had been destroyed the night before at a prom and that we would be receiving an SUV limo that fits the same amount of people. I emailed him back saying that we specifically had wanted a limo bus so that we could stand up in it and be more comfortable and the guy replies saying that's all they can do for us and that the SUV is actually more expensive than the limo bus and that this is hurting them more than its hurting me. So, it looks like there is nothing I can do since its the morning of our wedding so I just pray for the best. Then, the limo arrived at the hotel to pick up my husband and brothers and all the groomsmen and the guys all said that it was absolutely filthy in there - empty cups, wrappers, and other garbage was in the back when they arrived. Additionally, my brothers actually called my parents house to warn them and see if they could have a towel ready so that I wouldn't get my dress all dirty when getting in the limo. The limo drops the boys off at the church and come to get us girls and the limo driver tried to blame the boys for the garbage in there. Getting into the limo to go get married, I tried not to get upset over it since this was the best day of my life, so I did a little venting to my bridesmaids (about the overall filth of this limo - the seatbelts were stained and the floors were very dirty) and then said I would deal with this after I got back from the honeymoon. After the ceremony, the limo driver was constantly rude while driving us around. He would shut the limo off while we were out taking pictures rather than having the air conditioning on so that the car was cool when we got in on the hot day. When he dropped us off at the last location, he threatened me that if we went over even 5 minutes our scheduled time, he would charge us. Are you kidding me? Also, the radio in this limo was dysfunctional where it would sometimes work but then sometimes completely shutoff. What a piece of junk of a limo! If this limo was a higher value than the limo bus, I don't think I want to know what the limo bus looks like! So, clearly our limo situation was terrible and this was the one thing wrong with our wedding. However, it gets worse. We go on our honeymoon and one of my best friends calls this place to ask for a partial refund (we were pretty generous to only ask for our required 20% gratuity back and not the full $1200) and they tell her no problem and that they will also throw in a free ride home from the airport for us after our honeymoon. The free ride home was successful (probably only a $50 value), but these people never reversed any charges (no surprise here since they never did it with our initial deposit either). I called them back describing the scenario and again they would tell me that they would reverse it. Waited 2 weeks, never happened. I repeated this process another 3 times with no luck on getting any money back so we finally decided to contest this through our credit card company and we are currently waiting on the results of the investigation they are performing. This really was the worst vendor I have ever worked with in my entire life. DON'T USE THESE GUYS! They are just a limo broker who contracts out various limos/drivers but they clearly do a terrible job at it and also have no ethics or morals since they would not even fairly compensate us for the disaster that occurred with them on our wedding day. They are liars and I would go as far to say they are criminals who are just looking to take money from people and provide them with the worst service in the world and somehow get away with it. Stay away if you don't want this to happen to you on your wedding day!

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