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Hi, I'm Elisheva, a Bay Area wedding planner, consultant and coach. First allow me to offer my congr...


Hi, I'm Elisheva, a Bay Area wedding planner, consultant and coach. First allow me to offer my congratulations to you on your engagement and thanks for visiting me at A Bride's Best Friend. I believe that planning your wedding should be as joyous a process as the wedding day itself and I'm here to be your advocate for creating your best wedding. Whether you are newly engaged and don't know where to start or are heading down the aisle in a couple of months and need seasoned pro to tie it all together - or anywhere in between - I invite you to visit a little longer, and give me a call... I look forward to connecting with you!


Well, where should I begin? With the knowledge that I have now gained for experiencing a wedding from the planning end and not simply as a guest, I suppose I should start at the beginning…

After the all important question of “will you marry me?” and the “congratulations” from family and friends it was time to start planning. But where to begin? We had never planned a wedding before and had no idea how many decisions went into planning the big day. We had booked the venue, but then what? We new what we liked, but not necessarily how to get that into our wedding so we started looking for help….

The moment we met with Elisheva (Elle) we were in love with her. She knew what questions to ask and understood us as a couple from the start. As many couples are, we were on cloud nine excited to be planning our wedding and clueless on where to start and how to get the wedding of our dreams to come to life. After our first meeting with her, we couldn’t wait to start planning. Elle was wonderful at recommending the most fantastic vendors and I am still wowed at her ability to give advice without giving her opinion. She really made sure that we got what we wanted! With her connections and professional relationships with other fantastic wedding vendors, she really was able to bring everything together and give us more than we could have ever imagined. I like to think that I am an organized and involved person, but there is no way I would have been able to juggle everything the way that Elle did with calmness, professionalism, and confidence. As a bride, I was able to be involved but not overwhelmed through the process. I have had some friends say that they would never plan a wedding again, and I couldn’t disagree more. Elle made the entire experience so enjoyable that we really did have fun with the planning and I honestly credit her with that accomplishment. Without Elle, we would not have been able to feel like guests at our own wedding. She took care of everything the day of and I literally did not think about a thing except for enjoying the wedding moments with my brand new husband. She had a smile on her face throughout the entire processes and never looked stressed out once, which allowed us to fell comfortable and confident that everything was running smoothly. We truly had more than we could have imagined on our wedding day and cannot wait to spread the word on how fabulous she is and we secretly hope to attend another wedding where she is the coordinator. She is not just a wedding coordinator, she becomes a friend and a true wedding extraordinaire. If I had to credit our wonderful wedding to one single person it would be the fabulous Elisheva Basseri.

Elle- Thank you for your hard work and for the way you put your heart into your work!

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