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"We bring the fun to the PARTY!" we are a "Family Friendly" disc jockey service that offers experien...


"We bring the fun to the PARTY!" we are a "Family Friendly" disc jockey service that offers experienced and entertaining DJs who adjust the party to your audience. Let JPL Entertainment orchestrate your wedding reception, and bring all your professional wedding staff together. We are your DJ Entertainer, your Master of Ceremonies, and you’re Schedule Coordinator. Trust our professionals to ensure your Wedding Reception goes as planned. Call us so we can help you plan your next perfect EVENT!


The DJ was very nice and helpful. He made sure to keep events going. However, I was disappointed in their creativity for a playlist. They have a great online planning form that you can use, but I didn't realize that if you don't make extensive use of the general song playlist, they will really play very stereotypical music. To me, they did not seem to be up-to-date with current songs that would be good for the wedding unless I had specifically designated.

I do understand my crowd was a bit older as well, and not many were dancers and I personally was running around and didn't have too much time to dance (it was only a 4-hour reception). That said, the biggest factor going into my rating is that despite the online form plus an online phone consultation (PLUS going over the details with my wedding venue) our first dance song was incorrect and instead was a complete instrumental. It was a popular song by a popular artist, and even on the CD I was given afterward they had it written correctly, so I'm not sure what went wrong, but we were very disappointed.

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