Terry didn't respond e-mails as efficient as other vendors. She only responded fast when it's about payment, although she did respond to voice mail efficiently. I think the garden chairs, table clothes, cocktail tables we rented from her are good; HOWEVER, she didn't measure the height of our reception wall correctly, so it turned out that the backdrops that cover the wall of reception hall are 4 feet short. I realized this the night before the wedding. I called her, but she didn't seem to feel sorry for it and not show any intention to fix the problem for me. I've sent her couple e-mails with photos and reminded her I wanted my reception hall to be exactly the same as the photo I sent her; however, her excuse is that the catering manager told her the wrong measure. It's really an excuse because she did come to the reception hall herself and remeasure the dimension of the hall again since she told us it will need more backdrops to cover the entire hall. Although she did say that if I don't like the short backdrops, she can take them off and give me full refund, I was mad at her attitude that she even didn't apologize to me. She measured the width of the reception hall, how come she didn't measure the height of the reception hall when she ordered the pipes and fabric for the backdrops? We spent a lot of money (around $2,000) for the backdrop to cover the not so pretty wall paper at our reception site, but she seems not care about our needs that much. All in all, I'd not recommend you ladies to book her. I've heard from other bride on other website saying that Terry didn't have enough linen for her wedding so she just changed the color of the linen and didn't let the bride know ahead of time. It turned out that the bride noticed the difference and got mad with her.

In sum, my wedding is a huge success EXCEPT for her fault about the backdrops. She didn't care about the feeling of client at all. She asked us to pay in full two weeks before the event so when she got the money, she can do whatever she can do since she already got the money.


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