The Cheesecake Factory

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My finance and I are not cake people, nor did we want to spend a fortune on something we didn't care much about. We DO like cheesecake though and had a cheesecake factory down the street from our reception (also it was our first date). Though they no longer make up cheesecake tiered wedding cakes, we decided to do it ourselves. We ordered the appropriate amount in different sizes and made our own little cheesecakes (well we had a helper do so). It looked gorgeous and we still were able to have a cake topper with flowers! The red velvet was soooo yummy and the white chocolate shavings all over made for a beautiful cheesecake. We threw in a few other flavor options too since we had numerous cheesecakes. With the option to pick it up "deeply chilled" the cheesecakes were able to be put in their place before our ceremony started and remain throughout the reception and at the perfect temp. to eat at the right time! If you're not into cake and want a cheaper option, yet amazing taste, I would highly recommend this option. Just make sure you have someone you trust delegated to get the cheesecakes out and ready at the right time.

We saved a TON of money by buying an absolutely delicious choc. oreo mudslide cheesecake. Our guests enjoyed a tasty pastry buffet from Atomic Catering.

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