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All we could ever hope for in a photographer...she captured every detail. Artistically, she has an incredible eye for the little moments that make it so special and personal. Working with her was an absolute dream.

Bonnie's theme is to be "the fly on the wall" where she just stands at a distance taking in the special moments of the day shot after shot and finding the exact moment when your emotion comes to life in the photo. She captured the moments from the details of putting on mascara to my mother-in-law savoring the last dance with her son to the special romance between bride and groom with just that right look in the eye of passion that every bride wants to treasure forever. She took us to a field where we just roamed around playing and twirling and kissing as new husband and wife. It felt so natural for her to be there and when the photos showed up I felt like she had actually been photographing the entire day through my eyes. It was so nice to relive it in such a real way.

One of my favorite wedding photos that Bonnie shot for us was this spectacular photo of my groom and I in a field under a tall tree with interwoven branches. She put the photo in black and white and the intricate design of the branches with light shining through as we stood beneath on either side looking at one another was both entirely artistic and looked like it was straight from a magazine.

Bonnie offers many different choices of what to include in the package. I went with a DVD of the best photos put to music, which all my friends were absolutely amazed by. Both her and her husband, Greg, actually worked together such that both my groom and I could be photographed separately as we were getting prepared in different parts of the house. It worked out great!

I think that the best thing about Bonnie is her upbeat personality and down to earth attitude. She is so sweet and wants to make sure that everything goes exactly the way that you want it. She really does a great job of figuring out your style and working her photos to match it. I have to say that just from my experience and the comments of countless friends who have seen our wedding photos, she is hands down one of the best, if not the best, wedding photographer in New England. I have never seen a better wedding photographer able to capture such a unique and genuine expression of what that day actually felt like. I'm so happy that I have a wedding collection that whenever I pull out to look at, I can actually relive the moments and feelings of that very special day. I hope that this review helped and that after going to her website you'll end up with amazing photos just like ours!

I can't rave enough about them. They are pricey and serve both Maine and Florida on a regular basis so you have to book early (we booked a year in advance) but they are amazing people to work with. We haven't received our pictures back yet but check out their website and you will fall in love!!

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