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Too bad that the lowest rating here is 1 star. I'd give them a quarter of a star if there's such option!

I found their shop from the San Patrick website because I love San Patrick wedding gowns (I think they make a big mistake by letting such bridal shop to be their authorized retailer). I made the appt to try on the gowns. When I got there, the lady behind the counter completely ignored me. Then I stand right in front of the counter for a bit and then the old lady, who was eating, eventually asked if she could help. I told her that I had an appt to try to the gowns and she said she'd just go wash her hand and would be right back, but didn't come back until 20 mins later. Finally, we were upstairs and I was so looking forward to try on the styles I saw from the San Patrick web site, BUT...(always a big BUT, right?) this old, no so in shape nor sense of style (she had the back of her skirt tucked under her underwear and she either didn't even bother fix it) was actually my consultant. With a normal expectation, I'd think that I'd be able to look around and pick the dress that I'd like to try on. However,when I pointed a couple of dresses and told her, she'd just ignore my me and keep giving me what she wanted me to try on. I had to repeated a few times before I got to try on the styles I like. Then when I followed her to another room where other dresses are, she told me to go back to my fitting room as she would choose the dresses that "she though" it would look good on me. She didn't really care what I like. She brought me some dresses that were not my style at all (more like for the mature bride instead of a young bride) and she insisted me to try them on even though I told her I didn't like the style. She didn't bring the style I like even after I've described to her several times.

After the fitting, she just left me there, and when I walked pass her on the way down, she didn't even say thanks or bye or anything... what an impolite sale consultant. I'll never come back regardless of the selections. By the way, they don't have good price anyways. They only have size 10 or 12 and up, so if you're smaller than size 10, don't even bother

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Superior Bridal - 7703 Kennedy Road, Markham, Ontario

Wedding dress shopping experience – June 9, 2009

I was at Superior Bridal as the maid of honour for one of my best friends. The bride, the mother, and I attended the appointment. The first impression of the store was not great as it is in rundown house, but we thought we would give it a try because you never know what you can find. The store does have nice dresses and accessories; however, the service from the consultants was appalling.

It started when I took a picture of the bride in her favourite dress while our consultant was away checking the price. Little did I know I was being watched taking the photo by another consultant in the other room. Instead of the consultant approaching me and explaining that photos are not permitted in their store, she waited until our consultant came back and told on me. We explained that we did not know, but both consultants insisted on following through with a lecture about taking photos in their store. The lecture lasted about 10 uncomfortable minutes which reminded me of being in the principal’s office in middle school.

The bride, the mother and I were all so put off and uncomfortable due to the situation that we decided we would leave. Upon leaving our consultant felt it was appropriate and necessary to once again remind us that we should ask before taking photos. We made it clear that we got it the first time they told us. We went to Superior Bridal in hopes of finding a dress, not to be lectured by bridal consultants, who, in my opinion, are rude, condescending and out of date. While this situation was the most disappointing part of the store experience, there were other problems as outlined below.

• The consultants have no idea about prices we were constantly being told how the prices are always changing and they do not know when it will happen – making us feel pressured to buy the dress sooner rather than later because the price may go up.

• The consultant was constantly telling completely irrelevant stories instead of focusing on picking/pulling dresses for the bride and getting her in and out of the dresses.

• The consultant never even asked what style the bride was looking for, she only asked us where we had been shopping prior and shared her feelings of those stores -- as if we cared.

Long story short – instead of Superior Bridal making their customers feel welcome and excited they made us feel very uncomfortable. WE WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!

Superior bridal dressed our entire bridal party, my mother and myself. They provide top notch designers at the best prices i've found. Ask for Elena, tell her faye sent you!

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