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1 word. Heartbroken. The very long story short is…. We were sent the wrong wedding pictures/video TWICE. 60% of the photos requested were not taken. The wedding “video” is beyond a joke. The camera was left in the ballroom pointed at the dance floor completely off center. No table pictures, no organized pictures at the reception. We basically threw away $5,000.00. The pictures that were taken were fine, but to not have all the photos requested is devastating. We also negotiated that Rob and his crew would eat at our cocktail hour, as Rob put it we are working, the cocktail hour is fine for us to eat at; only to find out the next day that he was nasty to the maître d and requested not only sit down dinners but for a table for the four of them. They started earlier then we really wanted them to so as the night was winding down he approached us and said they were leaving. We hadn’t cut the cake yet or had our father/daughter, mother/son dances yet. We of course were beside ourselves, so with that he whips out his IPhone pulls up our contract and said you only hired us for 10 hours, its $500 if you want us to stay. What choice did we have? But in the end with the help of our wedding planner he thought better of charging us and didn’t. So in the end I requested all the raw footage from him (which I finally received). I am going to pay someone to put something together for me because what he put together is absolutely pathetic and disgraceful. If you are thinking of using Rob Drago “RAD” as your wedding photographer and videographer I would strongly advise you not to. You would be better off asking a 5 year old and might have better luck. He is unprofessional and down right rude and has nerve to operate a business recording the most important events of people’s lives. If you would like to know more please feel free to email me [email protected].

Beautiful pictures. Would have liked more pictures that were in the moment and not staged, but the pictures were artistic and beautiful.

Videography for this company was not as well as I had hoped. Our video had music to it that we didn't pick and the video was very short. It didn't have any of the reception dancing portions besides the typical father/daughter mother/son 1st dance. I was really disappointed in this

Our photo booth was a hit of the night. The RAD Photographer was amazing to work with and so much fun! Everyone got to keep a strip of pictures as well as creating a memory book for us that is still hilarious to look back at. A must-have for any FUN reception!

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