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We are locally owned and a National Company of over 800 Disc Jockeys servicing the United States and...


We are locally owned and a National Company of over 800 Disc Jockeys servicing the United States and Canada. Complete Music Franchises since 1973 have performed at over 400,000 events making us the Most Popular DJ Entertainment Service We use only legal Licensed CD's, in the course of our performances. This music is licensed by or through the Recording Industry Association of America (the "RIAA") We do not use illegal copies, or Computers to DJ. Music Library Online for you to view ( 28 plus years servicing Dallas / Ft. Worth (Over 20,000 events performed) 20 professional entertainers that work exclusively for Complete Music *We do not sub-contract any of our events. 17 fully equipped state of the art sound and light systems Back-up personnel on call every weekend to service all of our events Direct contact with your entertainer to coordinate details of your event. Access to our full time staff of professionals Mon-Fri 9am-5:00pm, We do video at


They were great! Our wedding song wasn't on their list but our DJ, Jason, downloaded it and brought it to play so we didn't have to worry about anything. They played a ton of great music and our dance floor was full ALL night long!!

This was the company who had provided the music at our reception party. We were very happy with the service that was provided. The DJ did a fantastic job and worked with Bella Stanza to set-up and such before the guests and such arrived. We traded phone calls and e-mails with the folks to get the ambience set for the reception and what music is to be played. The only negative is that the list of songs is so HUGE that it was almost like a unwanted job to come up with a song list -- it is surprising how my wife and I picked out too many songs for a four-hour long reception. In addition to the DJ services, we also used Complete Music to be the videographer of our wedding. The video guys were unobtrusive before and during the wedding ceremony, and the deliverable a few weeks later had shown a professional and quality touch to not only taking the video but also putting it together on the cd.

Seemed a bit unorganized at times and was requested not to play a specific song, however, it was played anyway. A bit overbearing at our event as well.

Great DJ. The guests danced and had a great time!

Our DJ was Steve Liggett with Complete Music, and I thought he handled our wedding reception VERY well. The reasons I'm giving this vendor a "non-A" grade are relatively picky. There were some songs that were noticeably skipping during dinner...enough to where the busy bride & groom noticed. He also announced that he'd take requests, which I was sure I'd said not to do in my paperwork, but the only song I was relatively annoyed at was the Chicken Dance, which my own darn father requested, so....but by then, everyone had been drinking and had a good time, so it's all good. He handled our "Shoe Game" FLAWLESSLY and people are still talking about how much fun they thought that was. The lights were fun, and he played a great mixture of slow songs and fast songs and group dance songs. I'm not giving the actual company a B+ b/c overall I thought they were extremely pushy until they got my money and then MIA until I bitched about them on the Knot 2 weeks before my wedding about not getting back to me. I don't recommend using a DJ factory like this, if you can help it.

I found out that my DJ made some a-hole comments when my brothers requested that he play "Sweet Caroline" for us since we're Red Sox fans. Apparently, Steve wasn't too keen on that, but not because we said no requests. I've been told that his response was something like, "Oh sure b/c I've got all night," or "I'm only paid to XX time," or something else completely inappropriate. I was also told that when my 8-year old niece asked him for something he said "I'll see if I can find it" and didn't even really acknowledge her.

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