Elmcrest Country Club

1000 36th Street Northeast
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For what we needed, Elmcrest was the perfect location. We only had about 140 people. I think they can accomodate up to 160 or 170, but it gets tight and requires all long tables for seating guests. We wanted only round tables, and ended up putting overflow tables in two of the adjoining rooms to make it fit (but ensured setup was such that all tables had an unobstructed view into the main room). We had both our ceremony and reception at the country club--the ceremony was outdoors on the back patio, and then we had guests exit and walk back around to the front of the country club and enter the reception area through the main entrance so they could pick up their seat assignment. Jane was excellent to work with and covered a lot of details that I had missed (and I'm pretty detail-oriented!). There were a lot of things that can go with a traditional wedding that I didn't particularly care to think about, and the country club did a great job covering those items for me (place settings, champagne glasses, cake cutter, etc). They were completely okay with bringing in our own decorations and table settings, and also offered their own if we didn't want to. Their food was fantastic, and selection was plenty. From a price standpoint, we were shocked...we had thought they'd be one of the more expensive places in town, and after shopping around, they actually turned out to be one of the least expensive. Definitely give them consideration!!

This is a great venue for a smaller wedding. They are willing to work with you to design the reception that you want. The food was really, really good and they were so helpful and flexible the night of the wedding.

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