Ivys Flower Station

1435 W. Kenneth Road
When Marianne Atkinson set up Ivy's Flower Station, she had one aim in mind: "I wanted to sell simpl...


When Marianne Atkinson set up Ivy's Flower Station, she had one aim in mind: "I wanted to sell simple, stylish flowers, beautifully presented to the Los Angeles market. And I knew people would love it!"

Marianne drew on on her business experience working in the commercial advertising field for a large international entertainment company. Combined with a strong sense of color and design plus a genuine passion for flowers, it has proven to be a winning combination...establishing Ivy's Flower Station as one of the premier floral design boutiques in Southern California and beyond.

"It never fails to surprise me when I receive calls about our flowers from New York or Bermuda", says Marianne, "It's amazing to think that from a small shop in Glendale, we have built a reputation for quality, innovation, and stunning design that is known far and wide!. I am very proud of what we have achieved."


I love this florist!! Marianne was a dream to work with. The shop itself is in an old gas station, and is just down the street from the Brand Library (my wedding location). Because I was a DIY bride on a budget, I didn't want to go overboard with the flowers. Nor did want them to, uhh, suck. Marianne told me I could save money by going to the LA Flowermart & making my own bridesmaid bouquets, yet save myself the hassle & horror of building the big Bridal Bouquet (the one that actually matters!) by paying HER to do it. Remember, this is my FLORIST telling me this! Made perfect sense to me. She does private bouquet making seminars for a minuscule fee--something UNHEARD of in the wedding business. I had no flower arranging experience whatsoever, but with Marianne's help, they looked really good, if i do say so myself. Even though I didn't really need that much floral arrangement (the bouquets & garlands were all i needed. i got the boutonieres on etsy.com) this florist not only met my needs, but taught me some valuable skills. Also helps that she's such a friendly lady!! I highly recommend this place, esp. if you're a DIY no nonsense bride like myself. http://www.ivysflowerstation.com/station2.htm

(Here's a tip about the garland: I got the eucalyptus garland at the LA flowermart. It costed a ridiculous amount of $ to have them put white lilies in it. So i just bought a regular bouquet of lilies, kept them in water until the wedding day, trimmed the stems so they were 6" long, stuck wires in them, and had my helper friends stick the flowers in the garland right before the wedding. You'll see how they looked in the pictures. Perfectly fine, right?)

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