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We got our wedding cake from Fluffy Thoughts, and my whole family can attest that this is the most amazing cake place you'll ever find in the world. Here's why:

1. BEST CAKE-TASTING EXPERIENCE. Before I went to Fluffy Thoughts, I tasted cakes at about 4 other places. Each of these other places had given me and my family slices to share from about 4 cakes that I pre-ordered on the phone, and these samples tasted OK but were generally unimpressive. My family and I were sick of cake, but decided to keep our appointment at Fluffy Thoughts and give them a try (mostly because my dad thought the name was hilarious). We were overwhelmed and shocked by how unique and awesome Fluffy Thoughts was as soon as we opened the door to the store. It's small and beautifully decorated. Unlike anywhere else, they have a very professional tasting room, where you can look at albums and slideshows of cakes while you're waiting and deliberating. Lara, the owner, brought us 6 mini loaves of different cakes and 2 artists' palettes of icings and fillings. She would cut slices of these loaves and spread particular fillings and icings on these slices (mini cake sandwiches!) so that we could try absolutely every variety possible. My family LOVED this experience and it really got everyone into such happy moods.

2. COOL UNIQUE CAKE FLAVORS. The flavors of cake themselves were incredible. The ingredients tasted so fresh and lovely that we really felt like we were eating good quality food. Deciding between flavors was the hardest part, but Fluffy Thoughts allowed us to incorporate 2 of our favorite flavors into our cake, which made the decision easier. I don't like chocolate, but my family loved a lot of the chocolate-based flavors. We settled on Pistachio cake with raspberry preserves and rose meringue filling (which was my favorite) and Angel Food Cake with blackberry meringue and passion fruit filling. Both flavors were a hit.

3. GREAT DECORATIONS. Fluffy Thoughts can do anything and Lara was very helpful in giving us ideas. Our final cake was gorgeous and exactly what I had in mind (actually, it was even better).

4. PERKS. Everytime I met with Lara, she let me leave with a bunch of free cupcakes and cookies. Also, she said Fluffy Thoughts would give us a free cake on our anniversary so that we don't have to freeze any part of our wedding cake! We are already looking forward to our first anniversary.

I can't recommend Fluffy Thoughts highly enough for any wedding or any other occasion at all!

There is no need to try any other - this is the best cake. We ordered the red velvet and the white wedding cake with passion fruit filling - it was devoured.

Lara created the most beautiful looking cake that tasted absolutely delicious.

Lara and her cakes are fantastic. Not being sure exactly what we wanted, Lara helped us design a wonderful cake. Tasted as great as it looked.

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