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Lulu Events is a premiere wedding planning firm serving Napa and Sonoma Valley. Chic, Modern and Fa...


Lulu Events is a premiere wedding planning firm serving Napa and Sonoma Valley. Chic, Modern and Fabulous.


There are many high quality wedding planners for Napa Valley, however, if you are looking for one that conducts business with integrity, I would not recommend Angela N. of Lulu Events and here is why...

We signed Angela as our planner in May 2010 to help us with our Napa Valley destination wedding in October 2010. As we were planning our wedding from Asia and had less than 5 months til the big day, we needed a planner who was available and flexible to meet our demanding schedules. She claimed to be the "BEST PLANNER IN NAPA", provided us with "great" references, and assured us that she was very experienced in working with overseas clientele, so we paid our 50% of the fee to go ahead with Angela. (Note, she also emailed us that another party wanted to sign with her for an October 2010 event and given she has a quota of events she can do, we felt some time pressure... though, it was still our fault we didn't spend enough time to look around more thoroughly).

Unfortunately, shortly after signing the contract we realized Angela was not right for us. We found out early on that her schedule was not very flexible to our needs and she was at times even unaware of the drastic time zone differences. Apart from canceling & re-scheduling several of our conference calls, she was unable to meet us for two separate in person appointments that we had flown in for from Asia. The first time was a brief business visit to the Bay Area, but given the short notice of our travel itinerary and not being her clients yet, we gave her the benefit of the doubt. But she was unavailable again when we planned to do another week long visit to the Bay Area/Napa to do our wedding site check and by that time, she was our planner.

Maybe she was stretched too thin, or we were too far away, or we were not considered a big budget wedding, or that she often flies back and forth between Napa and southern California...but nonetheless something was wrong.

Within the first week of signing on, Angela was out of pocket for the first few days, then she emailed to reschedule our conference calls that week and by the end of the week, we were told she would not be able to accommodate us when we were in town for our site check. With the distance and impending time crunch until the wedding, it was at that moment that we realized this was not going to work out and that Angela would not be able to provide the service we needed.

We explained this to her over the phone and reiterated our concerns over email before asking if we could receive our money back or be billed for the work she had already done so that we could mutually cancel the contract. We thought this was a reasonable request given that only a few hours of work had been done so far and that our schedules just could not match hers. However, she was surprised at our request and refused to not only not provide the requested refund, but also stopped returning our calls and emails to work out an amicable solution.

In the end, we were able to find a different wedding planner and had an incredible wedding. However, we are deeply disappointed that Angela seemed more focused on her bottom line than caring about the wedding couples who have been saving and working so hard for their special day...

Angela was the planner we chose for our destination wedding. She was fantastic. She had amazing ideas, was incredibly organized and made sure everything ran smoothly. Our wedding was successful b/c of Angela.

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