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The service and quality seem to vary greatly by location. I definitely had a rocky start at my tasting with both the Doral and Coral Gables locations, but Coral Gables eventually rectified it. That being said, based on their customer service, I would had never booked them if they weren't included in our venue package. My best advice is to avoid the weekends and make an appointment (get the bookers name!) to taste FRESH cake and the fillings you want.

As a package cake, I dislike that they charged us extra for (1) making the buttercreme a color other than ivory and (2) for filling to be added in between the layers (is there someone that has no filling in their cake?). I feel that this is something that should be included in our package cake. However, this might be more of something to bring up with the venue instead.

On the day of our wedding, our cake itself was gorgeous and the perfect color, the buttercreme was so smooth and looked just like fondant! However, the orange flavor was not like our tasting and was much too intense and the texture wasn't so good. It was coarse and it was clear that the cake was not fresh. The strawberry filling also did not taste the same as the tasting and was a really thin layer. Overall, I was quite disappointed in the taste, but happy with the appearance. If you have a choice in bakers, I recommend that you look elsewhere and go with a smaller baker that isn't so hit-or-miss.

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