I was very disappointed with this vendor. Although the work they did on my nails was very nice (everyone thought their nails looked perfect, and the place was very clean), their attitude was not. They seemed really nice on the phone, and promised that everything would go smoothly for my wedding. Unfortunately it did not. They were not in their new location and we got lost getting to the old location. They yelled at me for being late (it was my fault, but as the bride, I should be given a little latitude). I was very late (25 minutes). They said that they weren't sure they could fit me in because they had other appointments which our lateness would cause problems for- I was very sorry, and prepared to apologize to the other clients (I also apologized to the manicurists), but the whole time we were there no one else showed up! While we were there some of the manicurists made disparaging remarks about Asians (two of my bridesmaids are Asians) and the same girls gave really nasty looks to my little adopted brother and sister from Haiti (they are young but very well behaved- they were there to give me some drinks). My bridesmaids, mother-in-law, step-mother and sister were all shocked and angry at their behavior. It put a real damper on the fun wedding preparations and bonding time I was supposed to have with my girls.

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