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Thank you for visiting our website! The basics – we’re Tim and Laura Anderson, the team behind Ander...


Thank you for visiting our website! The basics – we’re Tim and Laura Anderson, the team behind Anderson Fine Art Photography. We’ve been together for 35 years, seeing the world from two unique perspectives, through the lens and beyond.

Tim has the ability to see your uniqueness and use it in the pictures that he captures. His relaxed style, personality and humor tend to bring out the natural smiles in people. His excitement and passion about your wedding will be very evident to you, your family and friends. In addition to a minor in photography and much experience as a photographer, Tim has expert knowledge of Photoshop.

I am the appointment maker, the schedule keeper and checker off of check lists! I assist Tim when needed and I will also be there to capture candid moments.

In fact, your day is all about the moments. Your day will fly by, like so many split seconds of truth, beauty, emotion; the stuff that matters, the magic that tells a story. Working as a team, we capture the moments that are unfolding, sensing each other’s instinct for turning these moments into beautiful memories. We love to photograph all the little things that make each of our couples unique, the special way that you relate to each other, the careful details that make your day different from the rest, the subtle looks and expressions that can’t be posed. By being observers, we can let things happen, instead of making them happen. And when they happen, we have the privilege of recording them as eternal imagery. What a wonderful thing to do!

We believe in letting our work speak for itself, so please enter our website and enjoy the visit. If you like what you see, please contact us by calling us or sending us an email.


Great price, no time limit, excellent photography, a joy to work with.

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