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I HIGHLY recommend Makeup in the 702 for your wedding makeup and hair!

Megan did an AMAZING job on my makeup! They came to my hotel room and had everything with them! At first I thought that the services were a little pricey, but once they handed me the mirror and I looked at myself-WOW WORTH EVERY CENT!!! I have never tried airbrush makeup or fake eyelashes (I have really deep set eyes) Megan put those eyelashes on me and for the first time in my life my eyes actually popped! I was also impressed by how well the airbrushed makeup looked-it was amazing-I was somewhat broke out, because like most brides, I was stressed prior to my wedding day and our Las Vegas vacation, but you could NOT TELL AT ALL once Megan worked her magic on me...I actually asked her if she would be willing to come to Michigan with me to redo my makeup for our Reception haha =D The makeup held up the entire day and night too as promised-we had a Las Vegas Strip Photo Tour, which involved several stops and LOTS of walking in a heavy wedding gown in 95 degree heat..the makeup didn't budge, I cried during the ceremony-the makeup looked FLAWLESS, and it literally did not come off until I TOOK IT OFF with makeup remover....PERFECT! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

I asked Whitney (who did my hair) to please do the "Carrie Underwood" half up-half down look with curls/side swept bangs..she did a great job-looked JUST LIKE THE PICTURE! It stayed pretty well too...I wish I had a curling iron about 3 hours later cause half of my hair started to go straight, but I think overall it still looked amazing and I still got a TON of compliments and nobody but me noticed of course =D These girls know what they are doing!!! A+ VERY SATISFIED!!!!!

Megan and her team did the make up for all of my bridesmaids and myself. Everyone looked stunning and flawless!

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