Bill's Tuxedo Shop

3934 E 4th St
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I thought this place was going to be one of those mum and pop places that take pride in quality and affordable price, but it was the complete opposite.

If you have to go to this tux shop, make sure you get the quality you want before paying for it.

The owner told me that I am getting the tailcoat package for less than 200 dollars, but the tailcoat that they got me was so old and faded that it did not match the color of the tuxedo bottom. When I asked for a refund, the owner simply said no (which left me dumbfounded for a moment) and when I was calling the consumer related services, he called the cops on me. But even the police officers admitted their raggedy used tuxedo was unusable. All the owner said was, "I didn't say it was going to be new." And calling me “crazy” for asking for a refund.

Because my gig was the next day, I had to go to Friar Tuxedo on Bellflower/Del Amo to rent one. Hearing this outrageous story of a ripoff, Friar Tux Shop was nice enough to get me 25 dollars discount on rental.

I wasted the whole day dealing with this greedy business practice. I know we are all having a tough time financially, but this type of consumer robbery needs to stop through boycotting. This store will have to deal with the consumer bureau in the future.

They were very helpfull! They suggested the best color scheme and special ordered our ties without charging us extra. They also had the best prices!!

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